What YOU do makes a difference! You Deserve a Voice!
 What YOU do makes a difference!You Deserve a Voice!

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A Look at Our Practice

In counseling, unlike most other medical professions, the patient's environment has a significant impact on the healing process. Advance Counseling Centre understands the importance of providing patients with a warm, friendly and familiar atmosphere.

All services are by appointment only.  We maintain regular office hours.  When we are in session or the office is closed, we may utilize a voice mail system or answering service in order to provide you with a way to leave messages for your counselor and to provide you with 24-hour access.  The voice mail is checked many times during the day and evening.

Special Note-for Emergency Calls:

If you are currently in crisis and are not currently being seen by one of our counselors, it may best be handled by one of the following options:

  • Contact your primary care physician
  • Go to the nearest emergency room at the hospital nearest you
  • Contact the hotline of the local regional behavorial health provider
  • Call 911 for assistance


Office Hours

We have convenient hours available:

Tues-Weds: 9:00 a - 7:00 p



By appointment only. 


Click here to call office now (214)546-4514


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