What YOU do makes a difference! You Deserve a Voice!
 What YOU do makes a difference!You Deserve a Voice!


Individual Therapy

Individual counseling is comprised of joining a licensed counselor in telehealth sessions in a safe and open environment. Our individual therapy sessions generally last 45 minutes.  Some of our counselors are Christians and provide a safe environment in which you can grow.  We provide servces for adults  wanting to make changes in their lives.

We specialize in treating a range of mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, anger management, women's issues,  grief/bereavement and mood disorders.

Our highest priority is to help you bring happiness and well-being to your life by restoring your mental balance. We want to help you achieve freedom from old habits, develop healthy coping skills and find new ways to respond to life's challenging situations. We provide individual counseling, relationship counseling, therapy for women's issues and other services.

For additional treatment services not mentioned here, please feel free to contact us either by telephone (214) 546 4514 or email at info@advancecounselingcentre.com.

Therapy for Professional Women

Therapist-led counseling for women is useful as working women often have unique issues which arise as a result of juggling their career and personal lives. We understand your needs and the stressors which impact professional women.

After your first session with your counselor, an individualized plan of care will be developed with specific goals and interventions just for you.  Each plan is unique, just like your needs are unique.  You will clearly understand what techniques for counseling will be used and how many sessions you will be given.  Your agreement with the plan will be obtained after discussing with your counselor.  Periodic assessments will be used during your treatment to ensure we remain on target with your specific goals and needs.

Office Hours

We have convenient hours available:

Tues-Weds: 9:00 a - 7:00 p



By appointment only. 


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